Epilogue 9: Chapter III – Desert City, Dreams

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

It rained in the evening, the raindrops were fine and dense, and they slammed on the glazed tiles. The night rain was cold and cold, and the air was also cold. Qiu Cheng took a hundred bat satin gowns embroidered with white fox fur on the cuffs. He also gave birth to a charcoal fire, but still could not drive the paleness of her face. Qiu Cheng sent it. When the man went to the small kitchen and took a bowl of ginger soup, he took it to her and said, “How much can the goddess drink a little, how good the face is so bad, and the emperor will have to feel distressed when he sees it.”

Meng Suxin lowered her head, and her expression was a bit bleak. She gently rubbed her forehead with her fingers and whispered: “I heard that the Queen died very badly, the skulls were broken, and the Changgui people were cut off. , Shu Shu broke his hands, even Jing and Di Ji also died, so the small children, but the body is different. Those people, really embarrassed.”

Qiu Cheng frowned: “Which is the blinded idiot and the maiden said such a thing, do not know that a maiden is a person with a body, it really should be the fall of it!”

Meng Suxin said: “There is only one palace in the palace. They don’t come to the palace. They are going to find out who they are going to say. It is not necessary to know how to go to the temple tomorrow.”

Qiu Cheng pulled up the blanket for Meng Suxin and said, “The goddess still thinks about these things. Doesn’t the doctor say that the goddess is too worried to cause the fetal gas to be unstable? The maiden is now pregnant with the prince, even if she does not plan for herself. It is also a plan for the child in the stomach. If the slaves are daring to say a big disrespect, then the Queen’s maiden is gone, the glory is missing, and the other scorpions are also injured and injured, even if they are good, 嫔, 娴The few of you are in good condition and have been imprisoned for so long. This body has long been unclear. They are also interrupted in the palace. The serious master of this palace now only has one girl, not to mention the godmother. With the pregnancy, the lord and the two grandfathers have made great contributions to this rebellion, just to say that the emperor has been with you for the past few years, and these good old days are still growing. The goddess has forgotten, you do At the time of the girl, the Ming Dynasty Zen master of the Guyun Temple said that you are a big blessing. Now it seems that the blessings of the goddess are all behind.”

Meng Suxin smiled low and whispered: “The emperor treats me, it is indeed good. If this is not the emperor secretly sent people to take me around, I am afraid it is difficult to escape.”

The night rain was fine, and the tree pear flower outside the court was destroyed. The room was ignited with a good fragrance, and the room was quiet and quiet. Her fingers stroked the arrow on the cuffs and said, “I don’t know where Ronggui went. She is the daughter of the door, and some martial arts are there. I really want to escape.”

“That is how to escape, but now the housekeeper has fallen, even if she is told to come back safely, with her temper, it is also unstoppable. Not to mention the rebel army entering the city at that time, the soldiers are in vain, depending on her, it is ultimately A weak woman, where can I escape. According to the slave, you are a very good temper, and you are arrogant and arrogant. In the past few years, we have not been less mad at her.”

Meng Suxin shook his head and said: “She was born in a famous house, and she was a long-term prostitute. It is also common for her to be arrogant. Moreover, she did not really bully me. The emperor favored her, but also to be a steward.”

Qiu Cheng smiled and said: “Other slaves don’t know. The slaves only know that the emperor pets her, in order to divert the attention of others, to protect the goddess, and how she is proud, these years are just an arch target. The emperor hurts the goddess. But it hurts to my heart.”

Meng Su hearted a smile, was about to train her slick tongue, and suddenly listened to the whip outside the temple, Qiu Chengteng jumped up and said: “The emperor is coming, the slaves are changing clothes to the goddess.”

The emperor was covered with a bright yellow cloak, and there was still rain on the top of the clothes. The smell of the body was heavy. Meng Suxin saw that his eyes were black, and he knew that he had not slept well last night. He couldn’t help but feel a little distressed. He reached out and touched his face. He whispered: “If you are busy with politics, you should pay attention to your body, the emperor. The eyes are green.”

The emperor took her thin fingers and said, “Why don’t you sleep so late?”

She lifted her eye and decided to look at him with a slight smile: “Chen Chen wants the emperor.”

The emperor smiled and reached out and hugged her: “I miss you too.”

Two people ate some night and night, and said the conversation, they took a break, and a small palace girl took the incense burner in the corner and was about to quit. The emperor suddenly fixed his foot and glanced at her. Meng Suxin saw that he looked different. He asked: “What is the emperor looking at?”

The emperor did not return to her, but asked the palace lady: “You used to be the lotus palace.”

The palace lady was shocked and hurried to the ground and replied: “If you return to the emperor, the slaves used to serve the emerald temple.”

The emperor looked at her silently, and the light was quiet, and there was a flash of an awning, and then he turned around and went into the account without saying anything. Meng Suxin bit his lower lip slightly, swung back and forth, followed him in. At this moment, suddenly heard a rush of footsteps outside the door, the eunuch Chang Xi shouted outside the door: “Emperor, Rong The chaise is back.”

With a bang, the emperor opened the account and strode out. A face was white, the interior was swaying, and there was orange warm light, but it was like a spring rain in his face. Cold water. He locked his eyebrows and said, “Where?”

“It’s just outside the palace.”

“She… can it be okay?”

Chang Xi bowed his head: “The noble lady, she is coming with a knife.”

The emperor was silent for a moment, coldly said: “Take her to the Cuixin Hall first, and tell me to stop, don’t hurt her.”

Chang Xi secretly glanced at Meng Suxin, who stood behind the emperor, and whispered: “The emperor, the noble lady, she is pregnant, the guards are afraid to go forward, and the fear of hurting her, the noble voice wants to see the emperor, refused to enter the palace.”

The emperor’s look changed abruptly: “Pregnant?”

Chang Xi naturally knows what he is asking and is busy saying: “Yes, the stomach is big, look like that, it will be six months.”

The emperor did not speak again, and he lifted his leg and went out of the palace gate. Qiu Cheng rushed forward and supported Meng Suxin’s hand.

“Let’s go and see.”


Meng Suxin took the cloak and put it on his body. He repeated: “I want to see her.”

The violent wind blew on the face, like a small knife. She fell on the horse’s back, and she controlled the reins. The hair was scattered, and the seaweed fluttered behind her head. The figure was thin and she ran wildly. The night wind is cold, and the vast square is dead, only the crisp hooves reverberate in the square wall. In front of the guards heard the sound, the horse rushed forward, holding a sword and said: “Who?”

When Guan Baibai had a cloak, he jumped off the horse’s back, and the fierce wind blew her hair out, revealing a pale face.

How could the guards of the palace not know her, and suddenly they were on the spot. She took out the knife and the knife was very heavy. She was dragged in her hand, like a cold iron, reflecting the chanting lantern. She walked very fast, and I didn’t know where it was hurt. The blood that grew up under my feet seemed to be shocking.

“You let it go.”

She said in a word, the voice was hoarse, the pale wrist was lifted flat, and the knife edge was sharp, like the teeth of the beast.

“Step aside!”

She repeated the low voice, and the insiders saw blood pouring from her legs, as if they would never flow, and they condensed into a purple beach on the ground. I couldn’t help but tremble and persuaded: “The niece is going back to the palace to go to the hospital. The emperor is now raising the heart of the temple. It will not be able to get out of the air for a while. The slaves have already been notified, and the goddess can’t follow it. I can’t get through.”

“嗖”, fireworks bloom in the night sky, colorful, and instantly decorate this night more beautiful. There was a tidal exhalation in the palace wall, and there was a deep joy in the tone as if the blood and killings here had never existed a few months ago.

Guan Baibai’s face suddenly became a bit whiter. She leaned her head and her pale neck was blue-streaked. She took a deep breath and dragged her knife to the Yangxin Temple. The guards who guarded the door stopped, and she screamed, and when the sword plucked, she slashed on one’s body, and the blood flow, and the man screamed back. The guards saw the Qiqi knife and threatened, but she was not able to hide at all, and she was desperately rushing forward. A guard was suddenly panicked. For five years, who did not know how much the emperor’s favor for the noble had arrived? Now she is coming from the knife, who dares to really hurt her?

He smashed the palace door with one foot and walked in with his feet up. I saw that her lower body was full of blood, and she had to shake a few points every step of the way, but she still dragged her knife and walked forward.

Gradually, the palace found her, and when she exclaimed, she came around. She didn’t look at it. She slashed her knife and cut a few people. The people were afraid to hide her far away. The organic spirit hurriedly ran into the palace to report, the announcement was a long Mongolian tone and all the way to the inner court. The lanterns of the palace, like a long dragon, hovered, and gradually everyone gathered, looking at the woman who came from a bloody coat, no one said anything.

“The noble lady, the emperor has a purpose, please go to the Cui Xin Hall to drive.”

There were a large number of guards who came around, and the black pressure was on the way, blocking the way. Guan Baibai stopped his footsteps, and the night wind blew on her, picking up her blood-stained skirt, like a white scented flower with cinnabar. She looked at everyone coldly, and spit out a word in a cold tone: ” roll!”

The guard leader took a step forward and respectfully said: “The goddess should not be embarrassed.”


The tube is white and angry, and the knife is going to go forward. The guardian leader’s eyebrows are wrinkled, the knife is not sheathed, and the sheath is blocked. It’s just that he has practiced some physical exercises. When it’s better than those of the military, the tiger’s mouth is shaking, and his body is shaking, almost falling to the ground. She was not discouraged, and she wanted to move around, but other soldiers greeted her and blocked her way.

The leader coldly said: “Yiang Niang, if you resist the purpose, you can only be rude.”

The tube smashed his teeth, as if he couldn’t hear it, he still rushed forward. The leader’s guard eyes were cold, and the scabbard hit her leg. She only snorted and slammed her on the ground. She had blood flow like a note, and it was even worse when she was born. Still holding the knife, I tried to hold it up.

“Meng Tong led, the emperor has ordered, cannot hurt people!”

The insider saw that the tube was injured and shouted loudly. Meng Tonglian frowned slightly. He remembered the sadness of his younger sister and the future honor and disgrace of Mengjia, and he couldn’t help but flash a sigh of relief, coldly said: The emperor’s order, holding the knife and the palace, and being the guardian of the garrison, had to offend.”

Guan Baibai did not speak, just biting his teeth, stubbornly stalking his neck, looking at the magnificent court in front of him, as if he had a nightmare, he could not feel the outside world.

“Send the noble lady to the palace.”

There were guards who came forward to catch the shackles, and the white screaming struggled, slashing and slashing, the soldiers were impatient, and holding her up, putting her pale cheeks on the dirty ground. Guan Baibai’s eyes were red, his legs were chaotic, and his legs were purple. Meng Tong took a look. The guards held her and dragged her to the direction of Cui Xin Temple.

“let me go!”

Guan Baibai was dragged with his arms and a dead dog, but she was still unwilling as if she was crazy. The eyes are so bright, so dazzling, almost burning her eyes. What do those people say? The emperor Yingming Shenwu had already expected that Sancha had a heart of inconsistency and that it was a hunting shogun. In fact, he secretly transferred troops to the army, and in one fell swoop, Gu Jinan and the three southwestern kings were eradicated. She escaped from the capital in her life and escaped into the mountains under the chase of Gu Jinan. After three months of escaping the mountain, she rushed to the camp but found that the camp had already gone to the building, and the soldiers in her hands were also fake.

When she returned to Beijing in a thousand years of hardship, she learned that her mother, her father who had been fighting for the life of Dayan, was detained with the crime of being intimate with the enemy, and the door was slaughtered!

And after three days, it is the Queen’s canonization ceremony!

Guan Baibai, you idiot! Do you think he really likes you? You open your eyes and look at it. Who is sitting next to him?

Who is sitting next to him?

who is it? who is it? His queen? Is the queen not dead? Just dying in front of her eyes, one hit the pillar, and the death was crisp and neat. Who is that? Who is his queen?

She only felt that her heart was as if she had been smothered by thousands of ants. It was so painful, so desperate, and she couldn’t wait to take out her heart and throw it away. It’s better than this kind of pain!

Everything in front of me suddenly became blurred. It was the same day. He stood on the square, behind the big black. He held her hand and said to her: “White, this world, I also Only you.”

He said that he only has her.

Yes, he only has her, she only has him, they meet each other to face everything, distress, hardship, hardship, desperation, they make an appointment to never betray each other, never give up each other, she flees for a lifetime, for the sake of Look at him again and be able to accompany him to the end. What did she do wrong? Is there any misunderstanding between them? What went wrong?

If not, if all this is true, then, at this moment, in the splendid court, who is standing next to him?

Who is it again!

The hands and feet are paralyzed, almost condensed into a sculpture, the throat is full of rust and sweet, her eyes are blood red, the scorpion seems to be stuffed with lead, sobbing, tight, finally, broken like a beast, like that desperate A fierce roar: “Yan Yan! You give me out!”

Just a cry, everyone will be stunned. She squirted blood, it seems that this sound exhausted all her power, she stared at the palace door, ink danced, breathing with blood, face white, like a ghost.

“Let her go.”

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