Epilogue 12: Fanwai Poppy

By Xiao Xiang Dong’Er | Translated and Arranged by Angel Chua

——[Someone said to me, love is tolerance, love is patient, love is tolerance, love is full of hope, love is as long as the other person is happy, you can stand on the other side forever, not close, not in line, just silently. However, my love is selfish, desperate, fierce, full of calculations and praying for rewards, both hurting and hurting others. However, it infiltrated my bone marrow, inserted into my heart, accompanied by the pulse of my pulse, death cannot stop. Is this not love? 】

The carriage passed through a few tortuous hutongs and stopped outside the Xiangxiang Gate. The face was covered with dense trees and lush foliage, almost covering half of the sky, and even the sun’s light was blocked. There is only one high-iron red wall, which becomes mottled under the polishing of the years, and the fingertips touch gently, and it will drop a piece of colorful wall.

A plain white hand held the cloak of the cloak, opened the curtain, the sun shone on her forehead, the wind blew through the hair, revealing a forehead, like the snow of the peak of the peak, the white is almost transparent, from the skin There was a cold and thin meaning inside and out, which made everything around us cold. Her eye tips were slightly provoked, and a bamboo umbrella with a green bamboo bone was used to cover the face, revealing only a thin chin.

Beier took the medicine box from the back and saw the eunuch in the road to negotiate with the guards. He shook his voice and said excitedly: “Master, here is the palace!”

She did not answer, just squinting and quietly looking at the bluestone pavement on the ground. After a day of rain, this will still not be clear, the raindrops are scraping along the wind, the light is thin and dark red, shining on her white coat, a circle of dim twilight.

Seeing her not snoring, Beier quietly spits out her tongue and learned her rules. At that time, the eunuch came over and smiled and said: “Shui Zhu, come with me.”

Shui Zhu nodded and said: “There is your grandfather.”

Her voice suddenly sounded, rough and dumb, and even the driver who drove the car was shocked. I didn’t expect such a goddess doctor to have such a scorpion, just like being burned by Fo Tan, people feel that there is some It is cold. The old eunuch couldn’t help but quietly looked at her again, only to see her smocking her hair, her face covered with a veil, covering the big half of her face, only showing a pair of eyes, black and black, deep bottomless, though It is a low-browed head, but it has a bit of exquisite color in the corners of the eyebrows.


She raised her eyebrows slightly and whispered, and the old eunuch slowed down and said, “Go here.”

After a few days of rain, even though the drainage in the palace is doing well, it will be water everywhere. The old eunuch knew the identity of the Shui Zhu and did not dare to lighten her easily. She habitually squatted and took the initiative to help her with an umbrella. Shui Zhu did not refuse, and she walked on one side. Going to a corridor, the Shui Zhu habitually turned left, and I heard that the old eunuch was surprised. “This is the third time that  Shui Zhu enjoys the palace. Is this a way to remember? I want to enter the palace that year. At the time, but I didn’t understand it for two or three years.”

The Shui Zhu enjoys a slight sigh, and smiles and says: “I remember better.”

The old eunuch smiled and said: “Either you are a goddess doctor, you have the ability. Yang Lan Niangniang took the medicine you gave, and I saw it the next day.”

The Shui Zhu enjoys a faint smile: “The father-in-law is polite.” After he finished, he did not trace the back half step, followed the old eunuch, and walked silently.

When I arrived at the Internal Supervision Department, I checked it out according to the example. The governor of the Shangli Superintendent trained a few words and handed her over to the consul of the Gan’an Temple. Since then, Beier could not continue to follow, and handed the medicine box to the Shui Zhu, and said with a smile: “I am waiting for this master.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw the Shui Zhu turning her head and silently glanced at her. Shui Zhu was so deep that she was so quietly staring at her, like a dark cat stone. Beier has been enjoying the Shui Zhu for three years. Three years ago, Beijing was a popular snoring disease. She also died in snoring. Fortunately, she was blessed and was taken over by the Shui Zhu. Although the master is cold and cold, he rarely speaks on weekdays, but she is still good. But now she has a chill in the eyes of the Shui Zhu, and some whispers of fear screamed: “Master?”

Shui Zhu regained his gaze and raised his hand for her broken hair. The tone said softly: “Hungry?”

Beier is busy: “Not hungry.”

“Isn’t it a snack? If you are hungry, eat it first.”

When the Shui Zhu enjoys such a kind of beauty and joy, Beier is somewhat flattered, but his heart is unsettled, and he smiles sweetly and says: “The children are not hungry. I wait for the master to go back and eat together at night.”

The Shui Zhu no longer talks turned and the consul eunuch went. When he walked out of the yard, he turned his head and could see the Northern smiled and stood at the door. A small blush was like a good rouge.

How old is North? There should be fifteen, right?

A weak thought just rose in the bottom of her heart, and her brows wrinkled lightly. The rain will have stopped, but the air is getting colder. The consul eunuch is on the sidelines to meet the emperor’s attention. She listens silently, remembers it in her heart, walks for half an hour, and finally arrives at the Gan’an Temple. In addition, the insider went in to inform, and she stood outside and waited. She was a little nervous and her heart was pounding. She took a few deep breaths and couldn’t suppress this tension. The corners of the mouth behind the veil were very tight, and the look was extremely serious. In fact, since the first time I entered the palace three months ago, even when I entered the city again five years ago, this emotion has been holding her tight, a little nervous, a little excited There is a bit of warmth and even some expectations. Shui Zhu knows that this kind of emotion should not appear on her. Everything has a sideline that will lead to the complete failure of her plan, but she can’t restrain it, especially today, especially at this moment!

The temple door slowly opened, but it was not a consul eunuch, but a gorgeous woman wearing a blue-violet palace dress. The body was enchanting, face-to-face, and the clothes were luxurious. A pair of phoenix eyes slanted up and saw the Shui Zhu enjoying a slight eyebrow. Asked: “Who are you?”

“This is the master of the Shui Zhu that Yang Lan’s maiden recommended entering the palace as the emperor’s disease.”

The consul eunuch just came out together, and said that he quickly said to the Shui Zhu: “Shui Zhu, not yet to Cheng Hao, please.”

The Shui Zhu enjoyed a slight glimpse of his eyes, and he quietly made a circle on Cheng Hao’s face, and immediately greeted Cheng Hao: “Give me the mother.”

Her voice is peaceful, and a palace ceremony is also very thoughtful. It is not like a person who has just entered the palace. Cheng Hao does not make mistakes. His eyes are more and more gloomy. He said: “Looking like a thoughtful person. , but how do you still wear a veil? Who is allowed to wear this in the palace?”

The consul eunuch was busy: “If you return to the empress, the master of the Shui Zhu is a practitioner, and it is not advisable to see a foreigner. Therefore, the veil has never been seen in the palace.”

Cheng Hao snorted: “Is the people in the hospitals all dead? Yang Lan is too confused. How dare you recommend the people outside to enter the palace? If something goes wrong, who can afford it?”

It is no secret that Cheng Hao and Yang Lan are not in harmony. Although Cheng Hao’s brother, Cheng Yuan, was a military minister, he also followed the emperor’s Nan Zheng North. However, Yang Lan is from the Huai Song clan, and his family is not strong enough to support the old ministers. Especially after the death of Queen Naran, the emperor has not had a new book. As a result, the two are even more prosperous. When the Consul eunuch saw her, she knew that it was going to be a bad thing, but she still had to swear by her scalp: “The Niangniang, Shui Zhu is a pro-disciple of Taiji, who is a good doctor, and the doctor is a doctor. Promise.”

Cheng Hao turned his head and glanced coldly at the consul eunuch, and then sneered aloud: “If this is the case, you will bring the master into it.” After that, the man went with impetuousness…

The consul eunuch wiped a cold sweat and enjoyed Shui Zhu : “Shui Zhu, come with your family.”

The door of the temple slammed open slowly, and there was a small fly ash dancing in the sun. The Shui Zhu was standing outside the door. For a time, it was a bit embarrassing. I thought that I was dreaming, thinking that as long as I walked in, everything would still be It was a day when I went, my father and brother were still there, and she was still young and innocent.

However, after all, it was a dream, and the strange breath came to the surface. Although the furnishings here were so familiar, the taste changed. There is no more extravagant palace fragrance, no more colorful sleeves, and no one who has shadows, holding a cup and holding his head down, sing a song of praise and praise. The whole hall is empty, the palace lanterns are hung high, and there are several palace people standing underneath. The ink-colored squats are hanging down, embroidered with a tailed golden koi, and a large piece of rose, against which The lights are faintly glaring. In the depths of the heavy hustle and bustle, a figure sat there, bowed his head, seemed to be reading something, heard the sound, never looked up, the hall was deep so that Shui Zhu could not see his eyebrows.

The Shui Zhu enjoys bowing to the man behind the consul eunuch, and the consul eunuch respectfully said: “The emperor, the Shui Zhu has arrived.”

The above people did not answer, and the two people had to continue to bow their heads. The hall was quiet and afraid of people, and even heard the sound of embroidery on the chest of the palace. The heart Shui Zhu is violently beating in the chest, oh oh oh oh! Like a snare drum on the battlefield, it screamed and it hurt her throat. She put her hands on her lap and worshipped it with standard court etiquette. The light of time passed from her hair, solidified on her thin shoulders, and the slender neck, the frosty snow, the pale No blood.

“Get up.”

The low voice sounded in the depths of the hall, and there was no gentleness and no excessive indifference. It was so quiet, like a drop of Shui Zhu falling into a calm lake, swaying a circle of transparent ripples. However, it is such a simple word, but the back of the Shui Zhu is instantly tightened, and the surface of the skin stirs up a layer of tiny paralysis. She stands head-on behind the consul eunuch, her hands seem to be naturally hanging in two On the side, the fingers are slightly curved, but the nails of the thumb are tightly pressed against the index finger, and the nails are poked. The pain is like a sharp, tiny silver needle that pokes on her violent tumbling sensibility.

“The emperor, this is the master of the Shui of Taiji.”

Yan Xun slightly looked up, and the day’s work made him a little tired. He put down the pen and pressed his left thumb to the temple, his eyes squatting slowly. His eyes faintly swept across Shui Zhu  and nodded. “Come here.”

After enjoying the Shui Zhu, he walked up behind the consul eunuch, and Yan Xun extended his right hand and placed it on the book. The Shui Zhu enjoys the bow, the veil covers the big half of the face, and the bangs hang down, even the eyes are covered. She looked down and looked like Shui Zhu. On the bottom floor that no one saw, it seemed to have dark snow, or the hand, slender, pale, and the belly was covered with a bow. The old man who left, the little finger broke a large section, and the new flesh became rough under the polishing of many years, with ugly scars.

She only took a moment to retreat, and she took back her mind and put her finger on the pulse of the emperor to diagnose him. Yan Xun couldn’t help but look at her. Most of the doctors would hold their hands when they suddenly saw his hand. This one adjusted his mind so quickly, but he was a smart person.

After the Shui Zhu was diagnosed, he quietly stepped back and said with a low head: “The disease of the emperor is not a big problem. It is just overwork, lack of sleep. When you are poor, you will open a medicine. The emperor drank, pay more attention to rest. Naturally, it will be great.”

Her voice was low and dull, not like it was from her mouth. Yan Xun listened to her eyebrows and looked at her with a slight gaze. She said, “Is your voice born so?”

The Shui Zhu enjoys the road: “Return to the emperor, when the poor and young children are in a big fire, the scorpion is also smoked.”

Yan Xun stopped talking, her eyes turned around her face, and she hanged again. At this time, there was a servant outside the hall to send the chapter, and the cold wind suddenly blew in. Yan Xun’s brow was slightly wrinkled, and the fingers holding the temple did not consciously use some force.

The Shui Zhu enjoys saying: “There is also a set of massage techniques to relieve headaches. Do you want to try the emperor?”

The candlelight in the hall became brighter and brighter, the sun set behind the window, the twilight came, and the time passed slowly. The eyes of Yan Xun were also sprinkled like snow. He looked at the Shui Zhu and his eyes were faintly brought. A little deep, silent for a moment, nodded: “Good.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a steady pace and walks behind him, stretching out a pair of white hands, pressing on his forehead, her fingers are cold, and the touch of the snow is like a mountain of cold snow, and the cold makes people feel tremble. Yan Xun was very self-conscious, feeling her flexible fingers pressed on her head, and the headache really eased a few points. Then he closed his eyes slightly and asked casually: “Your master is a new teacher?”

Shui Zhu whispered, “Yes.”

“Are you here for a few years?”

Shui Zhu enjoys the road: “There have been five years.”

Yan Xun’s mouth was pulled up, but there was no smile in his eyes. He said: “Where was it?”

Shui Zhu enjoys a calm voice and replies with a low head: “Chuzhou people.”

Yan Xun’s eyebrows picked up slightly, and he held a fist and put it on his mouth. He coughed and said: “Your emperor said it was good.”

Shui Zhu enjoys a low voice, but it no longer speaks. The hall is large, big and outrageous. I don’t know where it is blowing wind, fluttering, with a light fragrance. Shui Zhu enjoys a quiet, silent look at the person in front of him, although he is looking at the back, although he has never looked up since entering the hall, she still can imagine the appearance of that person. Yes, it must be like this, narrow eyes, deep vision, tall nose, thin lips, even the lip color is very light, always like that, like no disdain for anyone. How long ago, when the Shui Zhu was standing there, the memory went back to the lost age, and she hid behind the brothers and sisters and was held tightly by the milkmaid, looking out from the gap of the crowd. Then I saw that the young man was coming far away. The other little princes and the younger generations were crying, and they were quiet, and they were red and swollen, and they were sent in with reluctance. Only him, his eyes wide and his smile, he did not have any fear of leaving the country as a hostage. He saw the crowd in his stupid look at his own self, but he mischievously blinked at himself.

Since then, it has been a series of bright days. The palace is so big, there are so many people, and his eyes can only see him one by one. At that time, she was still so small, the threshold in the palace was so high, almost higher than her calf. She ran a palace door together with a palace door every day, running full of sweat, just to hide in Shangwu I looked at him secretly outside the hall…

However, such days are still gone.

Shui Zhu enjoys silently, slowly and deeply, taking a deep breath, sweeping through the mountains and rivers of the sea of ​​knives and mountains, passing through the smashing and smashing Jin Ge iron horse, passing the shame of the shame and darkness. Finally, everything has dissipated. There is only this back in front of him, this man who has been straight and irony from beginning to end.

Shui Zhu’s right hand pressed his forehead, pressed his neck, pressed his shoulder, pressed his back, and seemed to have pressed her for a lifetime. She looked at him and looked at this. She had been chasing her life for a long time. She had been in love for a lifetime, hated her for a lifetime, and ruined her whole life. The heart was violently jumping, as if to jump out of the mouth, just like this, How is this not the best? She has been struggling, suffering humiliation, suffering, suffering, and waiting, isn’t this moment?

Her eyes flashed a sharp edge, her wrists twitched, and a soft silver light slipped from her sleeves!

The quiet scorpion of Yan Xun shimmered slightly, and the light was deep and deep as if he had seen through.

The palace lady in the plain palace dress came over with white charcoal at this time, and it was necessary to add fire to the incense burner after the screen. Yan Xun’s foot moved, stepping on the carpet, and slamming hard, suddenly, listening to the palace woman exclaimed to the side, and the pot of white charcoal in her hand to the Yan Shi Zi (Yan Xun other codename) and Shui Zhu to enjoy the two bowls!

During the time, the exclamations and screams of the palace people rang, and Shui Zhu’s enjoyment was also shocked by this sudden change. Yan Xun took advantage of this opportunity to retreat.

“Fast! Come on!”

The consul eunuch was shocked and even rushed to the side of Yan Xun, panicking up and down the clothes of Yan Xun, for fear that he burned a little bit. The lady had been stunned by the eyelids, and the guards rushed in and held her down, fearing that the “Assassin” would make another move. Although the empire has gradually become peaceful in these years, the imperial palace has never lacked such assassins who are not willing to spur, whether it is the unwilling former party or the big confidant who has lost their hiding, once and again. The sneak into the palace to intent to stab.

In the chaos of the temple, everyone was pale, as if they were enemies, for fear of being angered by the emperor because of this incident. However, Yan Xun did not say a word from beginning to end. He frowned tightly, and the wrinkles were so tight. It seemed to be somewhat puzzled, some doubts, and even some at a loss, but these did not detract from his majesty, his The eyes still staring at the man, seemingly to penetrate the broken hair of her forehead, pierce her thick veil, and keep looking into her heart.

The consul eunuch followed his gaze and saw Shui Zhu.

The guards were busy dealing with the assassin, summoning the doctor, and protecting the emperor. Only she was still standing there, her skin was pale, her eyes were blank, like a ghost of a ghost, there was no trace of blood. The clothes on her back were burnt and the neck was red, but these were not the most important. The most important thing is that she still has her arms crossed, like a straw man, and the clothes on her arm have been burned, and the red scorpion is a big fire.

“Ah!” The consul eunuch shouted: “Save people!”

A bucket of water slammed on her body, she was in a mess, her arm was burnt, and several palace people rushed to help her, and she heard the consul eunuch hurriedly said: “I still don’t want to help Shui Zhu.” Go to the temple, go to the doctor.”

The ladies promised to help her and go out.


He suddenly shouted, and the voice was very cold, like burnt incense ash, with sullen sputum, and opened a layer of gorgeous extravagant brocades and passed them to her ears. The wind and rain outside the window, the rain slipped across the corrugated, and the sound of a drip, against his quiet tail, clearly echoed in the empty hall.

“You… turned around.”

The light in the room is dim, and it seems to be a bit strange. The bright yellow light of the open arms is quietly burning, and the light is sprinkled on the back of the swallows. The plaque on the gold thread, dragon claws, faintly seems to break through the black brocade to fly away, he frowned, the ear only heard the thunder of the sky rolling, so far, so close.

Shui Zhu is standing there, but it seems that nothing can be heard. The world is terrible, everything in front of it has become ethereal. These years of humiliation and heavy burdens, nine deaths, such as the funeral dog fled and fled, nausea planning, and the lonely pain every night, suddenly became cold ash, no longer a little bit of heat. She looked down and looked at the brocade gauze with a pair of jade phoenixes holding a brocade, a small wind blowing through it, fluttering like rootless duckweed, like her Generally, this life, this life, has never really been in your own hands.

That’s it, her mouth is touching, but she can’t even pull a bitter smile.

Just like this, what else can you do? After all, after all, it’s useless, stupid, so squatting to nothing!

She clenched her lower lip, biting her death, almost biting her lips. She didn’t know what she was thinking at the moment, why the needle couldn’t go down, and she still held her hands in front of her.

Is it crazy? Is the brain unclear? Is it magic?

Still, still, there are still such disgusting thoughts in my heart, ten or twenty years of unforgettable?

She suddenly wanted to cry, and she wanted to cry out desperately. She had to cry through these years, the tiredness of these years, the painful shame of these years, and never dare to struggle in the nightmare every night… However, when did these eyes dry up? Is it the day of flight from defeat? Or is it the day of humiliating Cheng Huan under the old man? Or is it the moment when the group of animals tears their clothes?

Or, many, many years ago, she wore a red wedding dress, sitting in the night sky filled with fire, watching the two people riding a horse, hand in hand and rushing out of the night of the true city gate?

The rain on the outside became bigger and bigger, and suddenly a corner opened the window, the cold wind blew her coat, like a child sitting on a swing wrapped in wisteria, the scent of the lavender flowers Light and fragrant, the wind blows from the ear, raises her skirt and bursts, and the palace girl pushes hard, she flies high. The sky is so close, it seems to be able to touch it when it reaches out. The clouds are white, like the babes and sheep that are often spoken by the mother. The brothers’ screaming in the Shangwutang is like a layer of waves, clear and loud. Resounding in your ear.

The sun was warm at that time, the air was full of joy, she was so small, so young, the eyes were clear like the Shui Zhu in the sea, she stretched her legs straight, as the swings came and went Gao, the eyes flew out along the high wall, crossed the red wall and the golden tile, crossed the heavy palace, and saw the ink-painted firewood door. She saw him standing in the courtyard, his eyes were cold, his eyes were deep, the wind blew through his clothes, and then the whole person seemed to fly away, and even his face seemed to be covered with a layer of smoke. The fog was getting bigger and bigger, and it was getting thicker and thicker. It was finally covered up in layers of time and could no longer be found.

“Shui Zhu, the emperor calls you, Shui Zhu?”

The consul eunuch yelled anxiously, but she did not move at all. The face of Yan Xun was hidden in the lingering agarwood. Looking at the back of her sloppy clothes, she suddenly seemed to understand…

Yan Xun looked at her for a long time, and then quietly asked: “You called Shui Zhu to enjoy?”

She didn’t answer, she didn’t turn around, she just stood silently.

Yan Xun asked again: “Do you live in Taiji?”

She did not answer, the static needle in the hall could be smelled, the candlelight shone on her, and a long shadow dragged on the ground, so slim, like a soft touch, it would fall to the ground.

Yan Xun’s tight eyebrows gradually loosened. He looked at her silently, looked so long, crossed the enmity, and finally said in a whisper: “Let’s go.”

It was like cold Shui Zhu suddenly poured into the cavity, so that the throat of the choked throat became more and tighter, and the fingers of Shui Zhu that hang on both sides shivered gently. After several efforts, it was impossible to hold the fist. Those persistent, those shame, those days and nights like the scorpion locusts licking her heart and lungs hatred, suddenly burst in such a light word. The heart that she has been clinging together with grievances in the past few years has been broken, so empty, so painful, so cold.

“Shui Zhu, the emperor told you to go, let’s go!”

The eunuch, who has become a consul in the palace for a long time, has also noticed a trace of unusualness. He is busy whispering on the side. Shui Zhu enjoys a quiet breath, lifts his feet and walks slowly. The candlelight sways in the hall. Yan Xun seems to be bored, retreating the attendant, still sitting down before the book that has just been packed, and reviewing it with his head down. The remaining pieces of the chapter, Zhu pen slipped through the bright yellow enamel, making a soft sound. The wind blew, picking up the water and enjoying the gray robes of the robes, revealing a pair of cloth shoes inside, the pace is calm and graceful, that is, the scorpion that has entered the palace for many years is also inferior.

The servant opened the door, and the slanting wind was blowing on the cold rain, and it was cold and cold. Shui Zhu enjoys a foot out of the temple door, half of the shoulders are also exposed outside the door, she should have left, but should also go, but somehow, she suddenly stopped her body, so life, dead. There is no longer a step.

The consul eunuch raised his eyebrows and stepped forward. He grabbed her arm and said: “Let’s take the master away.” After that, she couldn’t help but tell her to go outside.

The small eunuch of the main hall immediately came to close the door, and the eunuch of the Shui Zhu was obedient, and his head was lowered, and the night wind blew, and she suddenly blew her veil. When the consul eunuch snorted, she let go of her head and bowed. She turned to the side and turned her eyes slightly. She then looked in through the unclosed door. In the darkness of light and shadow, he sat alone, did not look up, but the pen stopped.

One inch and one inch of the door of the temple, she remembered so many things, so much she has forgotten things for a long time. At that time, the young and splendid, they were still young, the days were like mountains and rivers, and the joyful flow of those bright and lively days.

How long has it been, how long it has not been remembered, and she thought she had forgotten it for a long time.

However, at this moment, she stood here, and those memories were like the torrents of the midsummer, and instantly broke the barrier of her seal.

At that time, the great summer was at its peak, the father’s body was very good, and his brothers were still young, and they were occasionally fighting, and they also took the child’s innocence and joy.

At that time, her eyes were too pure, and the thoughts were too simple. She could not see the sacred bones buried under the golden palace, and could not see the blood-stained blade covered under the colorful brocade. Even the rush was over. A rumble of drums was also suppressed by the drums and songs in the deep palace. She is deceiving herself to live in her own world, dreaming that she will marry him one day, and then follow him for a lifetime, take care of him, believe him, listen to him.

If, if life is only as early as seeing, is there no future knives and shadows?

At the end, who is wrong?

“Shui Zhu, your veil.”

The Shui Zhu enjoys turning around and the consul eunuch is stunned. Although she has never seen the true face of Shui Zhu, she has only covered her nose and mouth and never covered her eyebrows. However, it was only for a while that her whole person seemed to be twenty years old, her eyes were wrinkled, her eyes were white and snowy, especially her eyes, and she was full of calmness and deepness when she first saw it. The vicissitudes of life, the loneliness of loneliness.

“Thank you.”

Shui Zhu has taken over the veil in the hands of the consular eunuch, and he no longer wears it. He turns to walk outside the temple, and he does not need to be guided. His familiarity is like his own garden.

The sound of “砰”, the heavy temple door finally closed completely, the wind screamed, like a bird crying at night, flying over the dome of the Holy Palace. A small eunuch supported the umbrella and caught up. The consul eunuch woke up and hurried to catch up, but saw the thin and thin figure of Shui Zhu slowly walking in the long Yong Lane, the night was filled with mist, and the rain hit her shoulder. On, like a ghost of ghosts.

On this day, it was the fourth day of September in the 14th year of Kaiyuan. In the same year, the first day of the twelfth lunar month, a fire broke out in the East Taiji of the Imperial City. The fire raged day and night, and the whole temple was burned.

On the evening of this day, the Jing-Jing Guards commanded A’Jing to enter the palace. Yan Xun was eating at the time. After A’Jing’s leadership bowed, coldly said: “Taiji’s Shui Zhu enjoys the master’s departure.”

Yan Xun eyebrows picked and asked: “Dead?”

“No, it is gone.”

Yan Xun faintly sighed, bowed down to continue to drink porridge, asked: “You have not eaten yet?”

A’Jing wanted to say that he ate, but he felt that he couldn’t bully him. He replied honestly: “Chen Gang has come from the company and has not eaten yet.”

Yan Xun said casually: “Sit down and eat together.”

A busy person said: “Chen daren.” (daren means Adult)

Yan Xun did not insist and ordered the palace girl to put another table for him. A’ Jing sat on the small stool on the side and ate a small bowl of porridge. Seeing that he had finished eating, Yan Xun told him to retire. A’ Jing was puzzled. Finally, he whispered the question: “The emperor does not want to know where she is going?”

Yan Xun said faintly: “You don’t have to know.”

“Don’t you continue to send someone to monitor her?”

In the incense burner, the cigarettes in the Ding are fascinating. The palace lady wearing the rain-blue palace dress stepped forward and grabbed a golden spice in the golden furnace. After a moment of silence, Yan Xun said in a whispered tone: “No need.”

A’Jing regretted his mouth when he finished speaking, and he left the hall after Diane.

The hall is dark, and the outside of the temple is snow-capped, reflecting the bright moonlight. The four of the photos are pale, but after all, there is a blackness that is lingering, and stubbornly squatting in the shadows in the corner.

When the lights in the hall flashed, they extinguished themselves. The eunuch, the chief supervisor of the inner guard, bent out and walked out. The eunuch of the history hall waiting to be greeted and asked: “Which maid is calling tonight?”

“No one is calling.” The chief eunuch’s index finger and the thumb buckled a circle, making a gesture of imperial mood: “The emperor has fallen asleep.”

The hall was as quiet as water, and Yan Xun lay on the dragon couch and squinted his eyes.

The night is so long.


Author’s note: The publishing editor hopes that I can add a little more to the publication, so I wrote this. Unfortunately, Li Ce’s youngest son was finally replaced, so just put it here.


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