She is the most feared ace military commander in the National Security Bureau’s 11th MI. He is the most talented but insidious indifference in the great summer dynasty. He is called the prince of the empire. When the ace of stunning female agents, met the stunning world strategy Yan Prince. Should they raise their sword and take a bloody road?

Chu Qiao was a special agent 005 in the 11th Military Intelligence Division of the Special Agents Department. She was detained in an agent prison after being captured. After a successful escape from the prison, she was heroically sacrificed to eliminate the special bomb department of the Secret Service Department. After her death, he passed through to the Great Summer Dynasty. The female slaves of the old fled their fate in the imperial palace for eight years because of help Yan Shizi to escape, and helped them to rebel against the Daxia dynasty and returned to the Northern Territory. The first part of the novel is about Chu and Yan Xun along the way, and Chu Qiao is helping Yan to realize his dream. Yan Hao has always been in love with Chu. But later, due to Chu Qiao’s good-heartedness, and the king’s style of Yan’an, the two went farther and farther. Eventually Chu Qiao left Yan Xun and married Zhuge, who had always loved her. The two eventually became famous in the mainland. Beauty King and King Qinghai have created prosperity. The old system must be destroyed and destroyed, and the new summer will be reborn in the ashes!

Edited by Angel Chua

Main Protagonists and Antagonists

Chu Qiao : Before her death, Chu Qiao was an agent 005 of the 11 special-agent military intelligence department. She was detained in an agent prison after being captured. After successfully escaping from the prison, she was heroically sacrificed to exclude the secret agents of the secret agents and passed through to the Great Xia Dynasty. An 8-year-old female slave who was forced to flee by Yan Shizi and tied her fate with him in the imperial palace for eight years, helped her growth strength and rebelled against the Daxia dynasty and returned to Yanbei territory. The first part of the novel is about Chu  Qiao and Yan Xun along the way. Chu Qiao helped Yan Xun’s to realize his dream. Yan Xun has always been in love with A’Chu. But later, due to Chu Qiao’s good-heartedness, and the Yanbei’s king’s style, the two went farther and farther. Eventually Chu Qiao left Yan Xun and married Zhuge yue who had always loved her. The two eventually became the name of the mainland China. Beauty King and Qinghai King have created prosperity. The old system must be destroyed and destroyed, so that the new summer will be reborn in the ashes.
————The author’s words: Chu Qiao is a seed that was first sowed in the hearts of these imperialist youths. This is a story of conviction and perseverance. It is doomed. Whoever insists, who has the same belief as Achu, who will be able to walk with her to the end. She is a lamp in the world.
When someone faces these thoughts of her, there will be moments of jealousy, from the sun to shock, to a little bit of acceptance. She is a subtle stream, quietly flowing. In the upper class society of Simon, instilling these advanced thoughts in the minds of the younger generation, she can be said to have opened a door, and the fresh wind is reviving. The instincts of the air blown away the dreary air, and also the iron rule of slavery for thousands of years.
Zhuge Yue: It is one of the major families of the great Xia family. Zhuge’s four young masters have never been pets, but they have grown tenacious. Their character has gradually developed from the cruelty of youngsters to grim and sharp. After he grew up, he began to control the Quartet, loyal, and patriotic. It has outstanding military and governing capabilities. Has been behind Chu Qiao quietly support her and love her. In the end, Chu Qiao gave up the opportunity to become a great summer country, and took Chu Qiao to live in Qinghai.
————The author’s words: The world cannot always be what people want. How this article should go in the end, how to penetrate people’s hearts, how to really impress others, and perhaps the most important part is to see how Zhuge’s development is. The more I write, the deeper I will fall. In the early days, he was still like an awkward child, but he will eventually grow into a trustworthy man, a man who possesses power, has the ability to fight, and has unparalleled charm. Describe Zhuge Yue, perhaps only the words of solitude and sincerity, he has the rare blood in this book, everything is for his own heart, so it can have everything today. We loved him and loved him, waiting for him to climb out of the mud. I revisited all the chapters about swallows, so I was distressed and I understood what he was doing. I also carefully read the chapters of Zhuge Yue, so I gradually discovered that, inadvertently, the child had grown so tall that I could not ignore him. The story is getting more and more under my control, running like a train. I sit on it and record the scenery along the way, but after all it is not the person who drives the train. They gradually became full and grew up. To face the wind and rain of the future, I couldn’t bear it but I still have to continue to record it.
Yan Xun: The son of the Yanbei King, who was a child since he was young, witnessed the scene of his father and family being killed by the Emperor Xia and vowed to take revenge. After humiliating and bearing heavy weights, he rebelled and succeeded at the wedding ceremony. After several years of rebellion, he began to build Yanguo as the king. Later, he expanded the forces to counterattack the great summer and occupied the territory of Daxia Kingdom, becoming the new emperor of this continent, but For this reason he lost the woman he loved in his lifetime. His faith is to become strong and become the supreme being, so that those who have given him humiliation and hatred may not be allowed to stand up forever. Therefore, his characteristics are unscrupulous, all the way forward, and ultimately he must stand at the highest peak of the mainland. Before the king’s great cause, he sacrificed his loved ones, loved ones, teachers, friends, and allies.
————The author’s words: This era is doomed not to be an era when the Buddhas preached. When God had abandoned them and looked at them, it would be better to sell the souls to the devil, in return for the strength of the pride of the world, to destroy all the dark forces. . From now on, Yan Hao may no longer be the smiling and bright young boy in our memory. He climbed up from a pool of blood, climbed out of hell, step by step, and this bloodless child would carry unparalleled results. Helium grew up. When he was strong enough to pick up the sword, everything was doomed to tremble in front of him. Nine quiet battles destroyed Yan Yan, but he also accomplished him. This person, Yan Yan, was the most tired person I wrote for so long. Before and after the contrast, like the Scorpio, the future of this man is locked in his hands. I was once questioned why I did not give Yan Yan happiness. I said at the time that it was for the sake of a better book. Everyone thought that I was selfish. Until today, I can only say that this is written to be more true. As Mr. Wu said, there are still many things in this world that are more important than love. It is worth giving your life to work hard. Yan Hao’s feelings died on the 9th floor. Achu was his last weakness, but on some issues he had to give up her. All of them are stubborn people and have something that they stick to. Therefore, they are not willing to take a step back. They eventually move away and part ways.
Li Ce : After the emperor of the Tang dynasty, he became the emperor and his face was unrestrained. In fact, he was smart. It is thought that Qiao Qiao is not as good for Zhuge Yue and he does not draw in love, and supports Qiao-Qiao in another way.
————The author’s words: For Li Ce’s love, I have added chapters and chapters to his sub-consciousness. This figure has finally emerged from the image of the deaf child. This man, whether it is dealing with feelings or treating military affairs, has his own unique set of ways of doing things. I always vulgar like this complicated character, like this kind of man who is not right.
Nalan Hongye: The long princess of Huai Song, in fact, is the family of Huai Song, and he is painstakingly working for the future of Huai Song. She married Yan Xun and became a Queen of Yan Dai. She has never revealed her “mysterious ink” to Yan Xun. Identity, which is the identity of a good brother of Yan Xun, reaches the end.
————The author’s words: Nalan’s infatuation caused countless tears. This woman who is planning to serve in the hall is still an ordinary female heart in her feelings. She loves and persists. She used her life time to love the man in her life without regrets. Touched by Nalan’s infatuation, she insisted on loving what she loved and no regrets. Therefore, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, cry for her, and tangled with her. Such as the pear woman. She is reserved and proud for Yan Xun. After dressing up, burning letters, and quietly mingling until it disappeared, why did Nalan not tell Yan Xun that she was the mysterious black brother? Everyone was furious that she was weak, but I did not think so. I think Nalan should not be completely weak, but a clear-headed one. He understands that Yan Xun loved Chu Qiao and loved Xuan Mo instead of Nalan. Therefore, she gave up her fight. Imagine that even if Nalan says that she is Xuan Mo, will Yan Xun convert his years of brotherhood into love between men and women? Impossible! If Nalan wants love, she will not hate it. She hates it. Unable to get, not to demand, Nalan love to wake up and love sadness. Nalan did not confess to Yan, because she knows that Yan Xia loves Chu Qiao. When she loves someone, she does not get a response. Na Lan is a deep and unrequited lover. Her pain makes people feel empathy. Nalan said that the loved one had a way of life and admired her free and easy. She had no regrets, she had no regrets for her love, and she would rather never know her feelings and regrets. She did not want to regret it. She did not want her life to suffer from her guilty conscience. How do you say that the people who love Yan Xun is Nalanhongye, love tears burned red, love to become a gray heart. In the eleventh place, Chu Qiao and Zhuge Yue are in front of one another, and the wonderfulness of Yan Xun is behind. Li Ce is the most memorable one, but Nalan’s infatuation deeply touches me and it will never be forgotten.
Zhao Che: The Seventh Princes of the Great Summer Dynasty, Dinghai Shouzhen. Protecting the home country under its own wings gives future generations a chance to regenerate.
————The author’s words: Zhao Che is a man living in my dream. If Zhuge Yue’s madness is a kind of guardian, Yan Xun’s enthusiasm is a kind of conquest, then Zhao Che is both. He can afford it and let it go. He has a broad-mindedness and a generous capacity. Such a man is a real sword that can be taken in a sheath or slashed for thousands of miles. No one can say that Zhao Che’s life was a failure. At the very least, in his lifetime, the land of Northern Miles surrendered to his feet. Even though he was abandoned several times by his family, he is still protecting his family under his own wings and giving his children and grandchildren a chance of rebirth. (Source: baidu.com)
Edited by : Angel Chua


The “11 Agents of the Emperor” and “The Tyrant, I Came from the 9th Division of the Military Intelligence” and “The Queen of Arms ” can be said to be “sisters”. The three leading actresses were born in the same agent organization and were friends and had once worked together. The latter crosses to another time and space. The beginning of the work has a certain connection. “11 Agents” and “Queen of the Arms” both mentioned while “Tyrant, I’m from 9” The heroine traverses before modern things.

Credits to Baidu.com

What is Chu Chuan Biography?

Chu Qiao Chuan” is a female inspirational legendary costume drama produced by Ciwen Media, Mitao Film and Keton Media. Directed by Wu Jinyuan, Jia Wen, Yang Tao, Chen Yu’s screenwriter, Zhao Liying, Lin Xin, Dou Yu, Li Wei lead, Deng Lun, Jin Shijie invited to star, Wang Yanlin, Niu Junfeng, Huang Mengying, Tian Xiaojie, Sun Ning, Jin Wei, Xing Zhaolin, Cao Yuyue, Zhu Shengyu, Qi Shengwen, Li Ruojia, Miao Miao and so on. [1]

The play was adapted from the Xiaoxiang Donger novel “11 Special Agents Huangpu”, which tells the story of a maverick female slave Chu Qiao in the troubled times of the Western Wei Dynasty, in the process of assisting in the establishment of a new regime, about guardianship, betrayal, faith, and love.

Chinese name

Chu Qiao


Foreign name

Princess Agents


Production time

May 2016


Production company

Ciwen Media, Taotao Film, Keton Media

Contact us / 010-84409922-130

Mailbox / pinzhanfabu@ciwen.tv


Production area

China Mainland


Filming locations

Hengdian, Zhejiang, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia



Shanghai Honey Taoying Film Co., Ltd.


First broadcast time

June 5, 2017



Wu Jinyuan



Jia Wen, Yang Tao, Chen Yu



Zhao Liying, Lin Geng Xin, Dou Yu, Li Wei, Deng Lun, Jin Shijie, Wang Yanlin, Niu Junfeng, Huang Mengying [6], Tian Xiaojie, Sun Ning, Jin Wei, Xing Zhaolin, Cao Yuyue, Zhu Shengyu, Qi Shengwen, Li Ruojia, Miao Miao, Chen Yuanyuan, Hu Bing



67 episodes (TV version) / 58 episodes (DVD version) [7]


Length of each episode

45 minutes (DVD version)


Types of

Ancient, legend, love


Major awards

2017 Weibo TV Influence Festival Annual Drama  2017 American Asian Film and Television Federation “Golden Oak Award” Excellent TV Drama Award


Online play platform

iQiyi, Tencent Video, Mango TV, Sohu Video, LeTV Video, Youku Video [8]


Broadcast information

Hunan Satellite TV Youth Progress [8]